PUT API in Matlab

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Dion Theunissen
Dion Theunissen on 12 Aug 2022
Is it possible to send a PUT request in matlab?
curl --location --request PUT 'https://apps.reeleezee.nl/api/v1/salesinvoices/d1819e8b-1f25-43db-aff1-bec30b45bdea' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic QVBJRGlvblNpbWk6Tk9ncCEzODA4' \
--form 'id="d1819e8b-1f25-43db-aff1-bec30b45bdea"' \
This is my API i want to use, but didn't found anything to send a PUT request in matlab?
Or is their a way to activate the postman request from matlab?

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