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How insert a DropDownValue to Table in AppDesinger

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Torge Flatow
Torge Flatow el 25 de Ag. de 2022
Editada: Ankit el 29 de Ag. de 2022
I want to transfer a variable that I selected in a drop-down to a table.
This table is calling an ExcelTable to which I want to transfer the variable.
I get either
"Conversion to cell from char is not possible." when I use "app.t.Column1 = app.DropDown.Value" or
"Unable to perform assignment because the left and right sides have a different number of elements." when I use "app.t.Column1 = app.A" as an error message.
Does anyone have a solution?

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Ankit el 29 de Ag. de 2022
Editada: Ankit el 29 de Ag. de 2022
can you let me know your output (app.DropDown.Value is a char or string). you need to convert to desired data type. You can't set data with double datatype with char/string
As I see you want to update the column name right?
here is one example:
fig = uifigure;
dd = uidropdown(fig,'Items',{'Red','Yellow','Blue','Green'},...
cnames = {'Column1','Column2','Column3'}; % These are your column names
data = {'Male',52,true;'Male',40,true;'Female',25,false};
uit = uitable(fig,'Data',data,'ColumnName',cnames, ...
'Position',[140 140 262 204]);
uit.Data{1,1} = dd.Value;
uit.ColumnName{1,1} = dd.Value;


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