How to store variable name AND value in an array?

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HC98 el 26 de Ag. de 2022
Respondida: 添昊 张 el 26 de Ag. de 2022
Suppose I have some code which produces the following outputs:
density = 456
pressure = 356
temperature = 66
How can I store these variables and their names in an array to save them from being printed in the terminal for example?

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Chunru el 26 de Ag. de 2022
density = 456;
pressure = 356 ;
temperature = 66;
% or use struct
a.density = 456;
a.pressure = 356 ;
a.temperature = 66;

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添昊 张
添昊 张 el 26 de Ag. de 2022
use 'who' to list variables in workspace?


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