How to remove accidentally created radiobutton Callback function?

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I have a gui I've been working on which has a button group with two radiobuttons. Obviously these call the SelectionChangeFcn when they change selection.
I hadn't worked on it for a while and had forgotten this and right clicked on one of the radiobuttons and chose the go to Callback option from the context menu which created a callback for the button. Now, although the selected button changes when I click on it, the SelectionChangeFcn is never called.
How exactly do I restore the previous functionality?
I tried deleting the callback code from the mfile, but this causes an error when starting the GUI. I also tried selecting the radiobutton in GUIDE and clicking on the Callback field in the property inspector. Doing this switches focus to the editor and opens the file 'guidefunc.m' I cannot therefore change this property.

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Richard Crozier
Richard Crozier on 11 Oct 2011
ok, I solved the problem by creating a duplicate of the original radiobutton, deleting the original, then renaming the new radiobutton to the same as the original.

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