In appdesigner, is there any way to start with 2x1 panels instead 1x2 under auto-reflow?

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Under App Designer, is there any way to create a new app with 2x1 panels (two rows one column) under "Auto-Reflow"? In the two-panel template it seems only 1x2 is aviable with the UI and that this is not user-selectable.

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Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 21 Sep 2022
Hey @Maruan Alberto Bracci, yeah. It's possible. In this template there is as Grid between the UIFigure and the Panels,, but the Component Browser doesn't show this Grid.
So... just create an app from "blank app", putting a Grid com 2 rows and 1 column and then the Panels. See code attached made on R2021b (if you are working on a different release of Matlab, you have to open App Designer and save the file before run it).


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