Creating Own Time Variable from Datetime Data

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Hello! I am currently trying to create a timeseries plotting of wind averages. Currently, my time variable is in the format MM/DD,YYYY HH:MM, however, it repeats for 20 data points until it changes to the next minute. Example, 08/26/2020 12:00 --> 20 values --> 21st data point 08/26/2020 12:01. I am trying to create my own time variable for a six-hour period that I am interested in plotting for a time vs wind plot. I originally used:
<< plot(time1(18571:1:25552),wavg1(18571:1:25552)); where 18571-->25552 corresponds to the datapoint for 04:00 -- 10:00 local time of the interesting period.
This code worked, however, it made the plot look funky with the multitude of values for each minute.
I am now trying:
<< timesec = [14400:3:36000] 14400/3600(seconds in an hour) = 4 36000/3600 = 10
I hope someone can help me convert my datetime time variable into working with a new time variable, thanks.

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 19 Sep 2022
"I hope someone can help me convert my datetime time variable into working with a new time variable, thanks. "
Your question does not show any datetime variable.
Using datetime & duration objects is simpler than messing around with fractions like you are doing:
DT = datetime(2020,8,26,4,0,0):seconds(3):datetime(2020,8,26,10,0,0);
DT = DT(:)
DT = 7201×1 datetime array
26-Aug-2020 04:00:00 26-Aug-2020 04:00:03 26-Aug-2020 04:00:06 26-Aug-2020 04:00:09 26-Aug-2020 04:00:12 26-Aug-2020 04:00:15 26-Aug-2020 04:00:18 26-Aug-2020 04:00:21 26-Aug-2020 04:00:24 26-Aug-2020 04:00:27 26-Aug-2020 04:00:30 26-Aug-2020 04:00:33 26-Aug-2020 04:00:36 26-Aug-2020 04:00:39 26-Aug-2020 04:00:42 26-Aug-2020 04:00:45 26-Aug-2020 04:00:48 26-Aug-2020 04:00:51 26-Aug-2020 04:00:54 26-Aug-2020 04:00:57 26-Aug-2020 04:01:00 26-Aug-2020 04:01:03 26-Aug-2020 04:01:06 26-Aug-2020 04:01:09 26-Aug-2020 04:01:12 26-Aug-2020 04:01:15 26-Aug-2020 04:01:18 26-Aug-2020 04:01:21 26-Aug-2020 04:01:24 26-Aug-2020 04:01:27
Y = rand(7201,1);

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