Multiple Image reconstruction with real and imaginary part in 2d array

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I have two mat files one with real and another with imaginary part of 500 images. I am using the following line to reconstruct a single image :
" imshow(reshape(sqrt(a_imag(:,i).^2+a_real(:,i).^2),[128,128]) "
Each mat file is a 2D array (16384x500) with grayscale images of size 128x128. 'i' indiactes the image/column number.
I am trying to reconstruct all the 500 images and save each of them in .jpg format in the same order from 1-500. I tried this code and I am recieving an error.
a_real = load("img_real.mat");
a_imag = load("img_imag.mat");
for i = 1 : 500
I(:,i) = reshape(sqrt(a_imag(:,i).^2+a_real(:,i).^2),[128,128]);
save('image', num2str(i),'.jpg');
Operator '.^' is not supported for operands of type 'struct'.
Error in image_recon (line 6)
I(:,i) = reshape(sqrt(a_imag(:,i).^2+a_real(:,i).^2),[128,128]);

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 22 Sep 2022
Edited: Matt J on 22 Sep 2022
What is the name of the variable stored inside the .mat files? If I assume it is X, then,
a_real = load("img_real.mat").X;
a_imag = load("img_imag.mat").X;

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