Matlab App Erroneously detecting infinite loop

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Hello Gurus,
I have a matlab application that acts as a wrapper to Simulink Test. Some of the Tests can take a very long time to run, I'm talking several hours. When I run one of these tests that involves many iterations the application closes down during the activity. As the data for simulink test is actually loaded on to the Tree I use to display the tests this means that the next Test fails. The weird thing is I can run hundreds of single iteration tests without issue and the issue does not have anything to do with a license I think as I selected to borrow a license for the whole day just in case. The app gives me no errors or warnings it just closes itself down on the long running iterations. Any ideas/ tips appreciated.
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Richard Good
Richard Good on 28 Sep 2022
I get this message in the window when the issue happens,
Error while evaluating DestroyedObject PrivatePushedButtonFcn
This is supposed to indicate an infinite loop I think, but I do not have an infinite loop, it just takes a long time sometimes. I have a for loop with 5 further for loops inside it to iterate over my simulink tests the way I want. I think Matlab has erroneously detected an infinite loop. How do I get over this/ switch off that check?

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Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 30 Sep 2022
Edited: Eric Delgado on 30 Sep 2022
It sounds like a limitation of the foor loops. For example, if you create e for loop from 1 to a BigNumberAlmostInfinite you will receive the warning "Too many FOR loop iterations. Stopping after 9223372036854775806 iterations."
Just replace it for while loops.
% Instead of:
for ii = 1:BigNumberAlmostInfinite
% code
% Do:
ii = 0;
while true
ii = ii+1;
% code
if ii == BigNumberAlmostInfinite
Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 6 Oct 2022
Even though you said that the app shows no error or warning messages, did you try to protect your code with a try/catch block?
for ii = 1:BigNumberAlmostInfinite
% code
catch ME
% put a break point in here and share the info of ME

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