10 Largest numbers in a matrix

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Md on 4 Mar 2015
Answered: per isakson on 4 Mar 2015
how to find 10 biggest numbers from a Matrix, also how to find the indexes of those 10 biggest numbers in the matrix. Thanks.
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Daniel on 4 Mar 2015
Are you asking for a specific command, or how to go about creating a program that will get you that result from a series of calculations replicating what you yourself would do "by inspection"?
It should be straightforward how to do the latter. I don't think I can help with the former.

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per isakson
per isakson on 4 Mar 2015
The largest value of magic(7) is 49
M = magic(7);
[ val, ix ] = sort(M(:),'descend');
[rr,cc] = ind2sub( [7,7],ix(1:10) );
>> [rr(1),cc(1)]
ans =
7 4
>> M(rr(1),cc(1))
ans =
>> M(rr(10),cc(10))
ans =
is one way to find the 10 largest values


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