App timer slows when mousing over plot

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The timer I'm using to update a plot slows down or stalls when I mouse over a plot (not necessarily one it's updating). Basically as long as I move my mouse I can stall the timer, so I get delays of 3s+ easily. The timer is supposed to run every 30ms (it isn't, but that's probably a different problem).
I've disabled Toolbars, HitTest, Pickable Parts. I'm using set to update the plot. Do I need to disable something else?
This is what the plot axes properties shows:
AlignVertexCenters: off
Annotation: [1×1]
BeingDeleted: off
BusyAction: 'cancel'
ButtonDownFcn: ''
Children: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder]
Clipping: on
Color: [0 0.4470 0.7410]
ColorMode: 'auto'
ContextMenu: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder]
CreateFcn: ''
DataTipTemplate: [1×1]
DeleteFcn: ''
DisplayName: ''
HandleVisibility: 'on'
HitTest: off
Interruptible: on
LineJoin: 'round'
LineStyle: '-'
LineStyleMode: 'auto'
LineWidth: 0.5000
Marker: 'none'
MarkerEdgeColor: 'auto'
MarkerFaceColor: 'none'
MarkerIndices: [1 2]
MarkerMode: 'auto'
MarkerSize: 6
Parent: [1×1 UIAxes]
PickableParts: 'none'
Selected: off
SelectionHighlight: on
SeriesIndex: 1
SourceTable: [0×0 table]
Tag: ''
Type: 'line'
UserData: []
Visible: on
XData: [1 2]
XDataMode: 'auto'
XDataSource: ''
XVariable: ''
YData: [0 0]
YDataMode: 'manual'
YDataSource: ''
YVariable: ''
ZData: [1×0 double]
ZDataMode: 'auto'
ZDataSource: ''
ZVariable: ''
This is what InstantPeriod shows for the timer. Right side is me moving the mouse.

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Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 30 Sep 2022
Edited: Eric Delgado on 30 Sep 2022
uifigure is not the best idea if you are looking for performance... see other posts about it and maybe you gonna use the old figure. :)
Anyway... you going to have a significant improvement in performance by turning off the "DefaultInteractivity" (it's all fault of DataTip Interaction!), "XLimMode" and "YLimMode" properties and update only "YData". See attached app made on R2021b.
And you still will have the axes toolbar for interaction, but if you disable it, it's gonna be even better!
Jane Sprigg
Jane Sprigg on 30 Sep 2022
Oh that's ridiculous. That did work, thanks!

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