Hide axis from plot with image

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I'm looking to hide the axis labels on the plot on the left in the below image.
The image is a subplot with an image of a videoframe in the plot. I'd like to hide remove the x and y axis values that surround the image.
I've looked online and tried using set(gca ...) with multiple combinations:
I've also tried
axis off
Here is the code to generate the image:
fig = gcf;
fig.WindowState = 'maximized';
ax_Vid = subplot(2,2,[1,3], 'Parent', fig);
cropBox = [824.5100 267.5100 311.9800 536.9800];
hold on
image(ax_Vid, videoFrame)
axis off
hold off
Thanks for your help

Accepted Answer

Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 30 Sep 2022
fig = figure;
ax1 = subplot(2,2,[1,3], 'Parent', fig);
I = imread("YourImage.png");
image(ax1, I)
set(ax1, 'XTickLabel', {}, 'YTickLabel', {})

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