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How can I remove my mathworks account ?

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lazmule44 el 5 de Mzo. de 2015
Editada: N/A el 12 de Mayo de 2024 a las 1:45
Hi, I would like to remove my mathworks account. How can I do it ? Thanks

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Lokesh el 6 de Jul. de 2022
Incase you want to remove/delete your data from Mathworks:
You can submit your request to have your data removed/deleted from MathWorks records via the MathWorks Data Privacy Request form.
If you want to close your Mathworks Account:
Click on the Profile dropdown in your MathWorks Account and then selecting Close Account from the menu. You can then fill out the form to complete the request to close your account.
If you do not have a MathWorks Account or cannot access your MathWorks Account,
For any additional questions contact
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N/A el 11 de Dic. de 2023
Editada: N/A el 11 de Dic. de 2023
Fine but I only find "close account" profile dropdown but I can`t find anything any forther menu it could be selcted from ( as you refer "and then selecting Close Account from the menu" ). Now, I`m only getting this "privacy request form" in return to my e-mail and it doesn`t mention anything about closing my account. How do I know if my account is closed or do I now have to keep coming back to review my account, please clarify ?
N/A el 12 de Mayo de 2024 a las 1:45
Editada: N/A el 12 de Mayo de 2024 a las 1:45
same problem
no close account options in the "close account" menu, just a removal of data which not necesarily will close the account, it can just wipe your data....

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Inanc Yigit
Inanc Yigit el 25 de En. de 2024
I can not remove my account because I don't have acces to my (old) work email. Just delete my account...


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