Alternative method needed for a few 'for' loops inside each other

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I have 4 for loops inside each other as seen here:
for A=1:a
for B=1:b
for C=1:c
for D=1:d
do_something (A,B,C,D)
The values of A, B, C, D are dependent on each other so I can't calculate them separately. The issue is that this is extremely slow. Could anyone please help me with an alternative fast method? Thank you very much for your time and help.

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Jan on 8 Mar 2015
No. It is impossible to give a useful suggestion based on this abstract code. The problem is not the nested loops, but the code hidden behind "do_something". The explanation "A, B, C, D are dependent" does not allow to understand the underlying concept.
The profiler helps to identify teh bottlenecks of the program. Use it and post the corresponding code in a less simplified manner. Then a helpful suggestion is possible.
Mehdi on 13 Mar 2015
I did that as you see below:
mpd_new = 8000;
mpr1 = 40000;
aicon = 0.2;
mstr1 = 12000;
g0 = 9.81;
Irp1 = 317;
dt = 0.1;
mssf1 = 1370:1400; % No. of elements is 31.
t_i = 2:0.1:5; % No. of elements is 31.
alp_max = 1:0.1:4; % No. of elements is 31.
t1 = 0;
V1_X_cut = eps;
V1_Z_cut = 0;
ht1 = 0;
pcg1 = 90;
flp1 = 90;
alp1 = 0;
m_in1 = mstr1+mpr1+mpd_new;
m_f1 = m_in1-mpr1;
Mcrnt1 = m_in1-t1.*mssf1;
thst1 = mssf1.*Irp1.*g0;
while Mcrnt1 > m_f1
Expon1 = exp(aicon.*(t_i-t1));
alp1 = -4.*alp_max.*Expon1.*(1-Expon1);
flp1 = atan(V1_Z_cut./V1_X_cut).*180./pi;
pcg1 = flp1+alp1;
pchrd1 = pcg1.*pi./180;
acc_z1 = thst1.*sin(pchrd1)./Mcrnt1;
acc_x1 = thst1.*cos(pchrd1)./Mcrnt1;
V1_X_cut = V1_X_cut+acc_x1.*dt;
V1_Z_cut = V1_Z_cut+acc_z1.*dt;
V_cr1 = sqrt(V1_X_cut.^2 + V1_Z_cut.^2);
ht1 = ht1+V1_Z_cut.*dt;
Mcrnt1 = Mcrnt1-dt.*mssf1;
t1 = t1+dt;
But apparently, the while loop runs only once. Obviously it should run the while loop 31*31*31=29791 times for each element of each vector. Any idea how this should be implemented?

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