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how to put in data in a table in a GUIDE user interface

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Adam on 14 Oct 2011
i have created a user interface with GUIDE, and in that user interface i have a table. I have also made a function which has produced some data:
[handles.MinFreq,handles.MinVolt,handles.MinCurr] = minValue({1},10)
x = handles.MinFreq
x =
114044 49864
114042 49865
114046 49867
114040 49869
220525 49871
114038 49872
114048 49872
113935 49874
220523 49874
114036 49875
Now i want to put these data into the table... how can i do this? The function does not create any variable in the MatLab workspace... why is that?


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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 14 Oct 2011
Typically, you set the data of the table.

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