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sbiopredictionci return empty result

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Jesse Chao
Jesse Chao el 19 de Oct. de 2022
Comentada: Jeremy Huard el 22 de Nov. de 2022
Hello team,
I was trying to comput the prediction confident interval for my parameter estimation results.
I first used sbioparameterci to check with my estimated parameters.
The estimattions are not perfect, but all of the status for my estimated parameters were either estimatable or constrained.
Thus, I further use sbiopredictionci to get the prediction confident interval.
By excuting the following code for defults setting, I was able to get prediction CI, but the results were not ideal.
ciPred = sbiopredictionci(fitWeightFunction);
Thus, I tried to use bootstrap method with following code to see if I could get better results.
ciPred = sbiopredictionci(fitWeightFunction, 'Alpha', 0.1, 'Type', 'bootstrap', 'NumSamples', 1000, 'UseParallel', true,'Display','final')
However, the ciPred I got is an empty output '0x0 PredictionConfidenceInterval'
Please find the OptimResults of my fitWeightFunction data in the attachment file.
Thank you very much.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard el 19 de Oct. de 2022
Editada: Jeremy Huard el 19 de Oct. de 2022
Hi Jesse,
it looks like your model uses an external function calculate_P_A2B_factor. You will need to pass this function to the parallel pool you are using.
So, if you already have an open parallel pool, you can enter the following command before calling sbiopredictionci:
If your parallel pool is not open yet, you can open it and attach the file with this command:
c = parcluster('local');
Best regards,
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Jesse Chao
Jesse Chao el 21 de Nov. de 2022
Hello Jérémy,
Indeed, I did double chack on the optimoptions('particleswarm'). It is a bug in my script.
However, after I corrected this mistake with the correct lsqnonlin, the problem remained.
I have attached the corrected version of the fitWeightFunction considering the optimoption error with the name of fitComb in the attachment file in this post.
Hope you could provide me with some insights. Thank you very much.
Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard el 22 de Nov. de 2022
Hi Jesse,
could you please send the calculate_P_A2B_factor.m file as well as the script you use to call sbiopredictionci?

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