Help with saving a .txt file

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aurc89 on 18 Mar 2015
Answered: Alka Nair on 18 Mar 2015
I need to generate a code doing the following steps: 1) load two .txt (or .dat) files from a folder (they have same dimension: double MxN); 2) make the difference between the two matrices; 3) save this new matrix as a .txt (or .dat) file in the same folder, with a name I can choose. Thanks !

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Alka Nair
Alka Nair on 18 Mar 2015
Use FSCANF function to read data from text file to MATLAB. Please refer to the following link to find information on FSCANF:
You can use the resulting arrays for comparison or finding difference. Then use FPRINTF to write data to text file. See the documentation for FPRINTF at the following link:
Kindly accept the answer if this is what you wanted to know so that community users can use it later.


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