extracting four words from a file name and placing them in four cells at the start of each row of a data table.

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I am trying to creat a GUI that will process files for me and create an excel sheet. I want to take four words from my filename and place them in four cells at the start of each row of data in the file. Below is the code I am working on :
cd = app.selectedPath;
[A] = my function string ;
Aa = rmfield(A,'field_');
Ab = struct2table(Aa);
filePattern = fullfile(cd,'A_*):
fileList = dir(filePattern);
B = strsplit(fileList.name,'_');
Bb = N([1 11 12 13]);
*** following this is a loop that goes through the file pattern and processes all similar files and saves out an excel sheet with the original file name. Bb are the four cells I want to add to Ab. Ab will always be various lengths.

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Navya Singam
Navya Singam el 22 de Nov. de 2022
You can refer to the documentation of writeTable to understand on how to write to excel sheet and App Designer to create GUI.





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