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Adding Road bumps to the Road Scenario

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Yousif Alaraji
Yousif Alaraji el 14 de Dic. de 2022
Comentada: Kerem Erturk el 29 de Nov. de 2023
I just working on driving scenario designer and I want to add some bumps on the road to check the ability of Active suspension. But i cannot find any things about bumps there.
Is there any way to add road bumps to test the active suspension system?
Best Regards,

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Pratheek el 26 de Mayo de 2023
Hello Yousif,
I understand that you want to add road bumps to your scenario, it is possible to add road bumps to a driving scenario in the MATLAB driving scenario designer to test an active suspension system.
One approach is to add a `roadMarking` object to the road segment and use it to define a series of small bumps. You can adjust the height and width of the bumps to match your requirements. Here's an example code snippet that adds a series of bumps to a straight road segment:
% Create a straight road segment
roadsegment = roadSegment('Segment1','SegmentLength',50);
% Define road markings to create bumps
bumpWidth = 1; % m
bumpHeight = 0.05; % m
numBumps = 10;
markings = cell(numBumps,1);
for i = 1:numBumps
xPosition = (i-1)*(roadsegment.SegmentLength/numBumps) + bumpWidth/2;
yPosition = bumpHeight/2;
markings{i} = roadMarking('Bumps','Width',bumpWidth,'Height',bumpHeight,...
'Color',[250 128 114]/255,'XPosition',xPosition,...
roadsegment.Markings = [roadsegment.Markings; markings];
This code creates a straight road segment of length 50 m and adds 10 road markings with bumpWidth of 1 m and bumpHeight of 0.05 m. The bumps are positioned at equal intervals along the segment, and are shaded in a reddish color ([250 128 114]/255).
You can modify this code to add bumps to any road segment in your driving scenario, and adjust the bump size and position as needed to test the active suspension system.
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kerem el 28 de Nov. de 2023
hello pratheek
I want to detect these bumps with a camera or lidar and use them as input in the suspension system. Is this possible? Can a camera or lidar give me this information? Do you know?
Kerem Erturk
Kerem Erturk el 29 de Nov. de 2023
@Pratheek Can you help me?

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