Import Timeseries on Simulink as raw structure and not as single data samples at certain simulation time

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Hello, I am working on a Model Predictive Control on Simulink requiring a reference signal that is something like
where P is the prediction horizon ( the reference changes during the prediction horizon).
Without getting into too many unnecessary details, I created a timetable of reference values, and since the system is MIMO and Simulink accepts only timetables with one variable, i converted it to a timeseries to have a single structure with all the output references. I know it seems not smart, but I found working with timetables be easier for me and my kind of problem, thus I have a timeseries tms with
On Simulink, I wanted to connect after a From Workspace Block a Matlab Function Block (MFB) that simply does dinamically with t the current simulation time, thus giving to the MPC Block the correct changing reference.The command that does this in the MFB is getsampleusingtime(y_ref, t, t+(P-1)*time_sample_of_tms);
The problem is: Simulink gives to the MFB only the row of tms that is referred to the current time and not the whole timeseries every instant of the simulation, so i cannot apply my approach. I also tried the Constant Block, but returns errors.
Do you have any solution or wiser approach to solve this situation,
Thank you in advance,
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Suvansh Arora
Suvansh Arora on 22 Dec 2022
In order to understand this better, can you provide the following information:
  1. MATLAB script, MAT file, Simulink Model to reproduce the issue at my end.

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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
It seems to me that you want to implement the MPC preview capability in Simulink. This example actually has a custom previewer block that implements exactly what you need.
Hope that helps




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