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Understand EKF with SITL/HITL simulation with PX4

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Paolo el 7 de En. de 2023
Comentada: Paolo el 9 de En. de 2023
Hi at all, I have a question about SITL/HITL simulation and EKF estimation algorithm. I understand how PX4 flight stack works but I didn't understand if EKF is used by the PX4 host target in the example SITL with Simulink plant or in my real hw in the example HITL with Simulink plant. The plant send messages about the position and other information via MAVLink messages and the controller uses the uORB read block to get this data, but I didn't understand if EKF is working by default and get this data, compute an estimation and passes it to the controller.
Thanks in advice.

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Arun Mathamkode
Arun Mathamkode el 9 de En. de 2023
The SITL and HITL example you have mentioned is based on replacing the PX4 controller with the controller designed in Simulink. Other PX4 modules including Estimator are enabled and used for these examples. The sensor data sent from the Simulink plant through MAVLink will be read by the estimator module through uORB messages. The estimator module estimates the position and attitude etc through these sensor data. The local position and attitude uORB messages which are read in the controller are published by the estimator module. You can refer to the uORB graph to get more ideas.
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Paolo el 9 de En. de 2023
Hi @Arun Mathamkode thank you for this exhaustive explanation. Really appreciate it.

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Mary el 9 de En. de 2023
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