I am trying to replace the objective function of neural network to customised one

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I am trying to estimate the parameters using nueral networks with multiple layres for this equation; y = x1*x2*(alpha1) + x3*(alpha2), where x1, x2 and x3 are the inputs and y is the output. The neural network architecture is as follow, three inputs (x1,x2,x3) and two outputs (alpha1,alpha2) with multiple hidden layers. The objetive function will be as follow: e = [y - (x1*x2*(alpha1) + x3*(alpha2))], however, I can't change the perform.Fnc in matlab to customized one. I get the following error [performFcn" must be '' or the name of a network performance function], How can I solve this problem ? How can I use the estimated outputs from the NN as parameters inside the objective function? How to change the net.perform.Fcn from built-in ones to the one that I created ?

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Matt J
Matt J on 23 Jan 2023
Matt J
Matt J on 26 Jan 2023
No idea. Can you not migrate to the framework of the Deep Learning Toolbox for your NN work? It seems to be much more amenable to the kind of customization that you're after.

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