why my loop keeps only the last run?

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I am creating a zeros cell with dimensions 2x4 in order to work in a loop. the problem is that my script do not keep all the runs of the loop, but only the last one. As a result I have a cell array 1x4 and not 2x4 as I wanted.
I have tried:
for z=1:2
C=[A(z) B(z) D(z) E(z)]
%A,B,D,E are variables
Could you please help me?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Jan 2023
You're not indexing C so you're just overwriting it every time. Fix:
for z=1:2
C(z, :) =[A(z) B(z) D(z) E(z)];

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