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TI C2000 F28379D support package: Mathworks implementation of IPC and how to interface with hand-code ?

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I'm trying to interface via the IPC communication a hand-coded appication running in cpu01 and a generated-code application running in cpu02 of a F28379D microcontroller.
To simplify the generated-code side I use Mathwors IPC transmit and receive block, but I have trouble understanding how Mathworks implements the IPC communication. Does Mathworks provide a library to simplify the implementation of this protocol on the hand-coded side? Is there any documentation that describe the implementation (channels, memory sections to use...)? If none of the above exist, can you please give me the list of the required sources to add to my hand-coded project to be able to send/receive data from the generated code running in cpu02?

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom el 5 de Feb. de 2023
Rather than trying to write the IPC code for your hand-written application, a better approach might be to creaet a Simuilnk model for cpu01. This model will have the IPC block and the C Caller block to call the handwritten code with signal lines connect the IPC block to the relevant signals in the C Caller block.


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