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Cant use nested bus objects with bus object arrays in simulink

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Timo el 1 de Feb. de 2023
Editada: VIGNESH BALAJI el 27 de Mayo de 2024 a las 16:12
I am trying to build a Bus (struct) (<Quiver>) that has an array of a nested bus type (<Arrow>). Later, I want to dissect this array (<arrows>), loop over it and use the members (<point>, <head>) of that bus object.
However, I get the following error:
Selected signal 'arrows.origin.x' in the Bus Selector block 'Demo/Inport' is invalid since it refers to a bus element within an array of sub-buses. The path to the array of sub-buses is 'arrows'. Please select the appropriate array element using a Selector block before using the Bus Selector block to access an element within the bus.
This is very annoying. Programatically this is totally normal, nested stucts. Why can I specify the dimension of that struct array, if it wont compile?
How can I do what I intend to do?
This is what I am doing, basically:
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里局外 el 10 de Abr. de 2024
You'd better double-click the input and check "output as a non-virtual bus"

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom el 3 de Feb. de 2023
As the error message indicates, configure the bus selector to select the arrows element, which is an array of buses. You can then use a selector block to chose one or more of the elements from the array of buses... and/or you can feed into a For Each Subsystem to operate on each of the elements
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Saifsiddique el 14 de Feb. de 2024
I'm also stuck with the same problem. Does it mean that you selected for this particualr example Bus:Arrow instead of Bus: Quiver in the Data type?
VIGNESH BALAJI el 27 de Mayo de 2024 a las 16:12
Editada: VIGNESH BALAJI el 27 de Mayo de 2024 a las 16:12
@Mark McBroom , @Timo and @Saifsiddique I am facing the same problem. I am unable to understand your statements. Can you please let me know how you solved the problem.

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