How to plot the graph for a given signal over a range of frequency

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How do I plot a discrete graph over the range of frequency given as [0 pi/8 pi/4 pi/2 pi] for the equation of signal x(n)=cos(w*n)

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KSSV on 3 Feb 2023
w = [0 pi/8 pi/4 pi/2 pi] ;
n = 1 ;
x = cos(w*n) ;

Sarvesh Kale
Sarvesh Kale on 3 Feb 2023
Edited: Sarvesh Kale on 3 Feb 2023
Hi Saumya,
I am assuming you are trying to visualize different frequency discrete cosine waves, following is the code snippet that does this
w = [0 pi/8 pi/4 pi/2 pi] ;
n=1:20; % length of discrete signal
figure ; % makes a figure object
for i=1:5
x= cos(w(i)*n); % i will select a frequency from w
subplot(5,1,i); % to plot on different plots inside same figure
stem(n,x,'LineWidth',2); % stem function is used for discrete signals
title([' w = ',num2str(w(i))]);
hold on ; % draw on same plot
the documentation of stem can be found in the following link
Hope this answers your queries


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