How to fix anomalies in graphs

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okoth ochola
okoth ochola el 9 de Feb. de 2023
Comentada: okoth ochola el 10 de Feb. de 2023
Hello, am trying to plot approximated and actual pdf on on graph, however the kind of figures am recieving are abnormal as illustrated in the figure below. What can be causing this? How can fix it. Previuosly it used not to give such output till I upgraded to later versions of matlab. The approximated plot should be a line graph.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord el 9 de Feb. de 2023
It looks like you may be calling plot with x data that is not sorted. Compare plotting a sine curve with sorted data:
x = 0:360;
y = sind(x);
plot(x, y)
with the same call but the x data shuffled.
xs = x(randperm(numel(x)));
ys = sind(xs);
plot(xs, ys)
You can see the general shape of the sine curve, but there are points that have very different x values that are connected with one another. Try calling sort on your x data (and using the second output to reorder the y data if it's already been computed) before calling plot.
[xs2, indices] = sort(xs);
ys2 = ys(indices); % Sort ys in the same order as xs was sorted
plot(xs2, ys2)
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okoth ochola
okoth ochola el 10 de Feb. de 2023
Thank you so musch @Steven Lord this has saved me. However sir, why did it work for me without sorting aoruound a month ago? I used the same data set, just out of curiosity?

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