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Can I design an underwater simulator using MATLAB Simulink

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I am working on a 6DOF Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. The AUV uses HAOYE thrusters. I have the task of designing an underwater simulator application. The dynamics of the AUV in the simulator should match that of the real one. I understand that this can be done by mathematical modelling of the AUV using Simscape. The user will give commands through a joystick, MATLAB will process those commands and the AUV will move in an underwater scenario accordingly.
Can I make this simulator using MATLAB Simulink? I know that the AUV model can be made, but I don't only want to test the model but I also want to create an environment in which the AUV will move, something like the BlueRobotics simulator.
I'm a beginner to MATLAB, so before I invest my time into learning it, I should know whether Matlab can make a simulator or not.
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Hayden Welch
Hayden Welch el 15 de Ag. de 2023
Hi Sarwat, I am looking at completing a similar task to this. Have you been able to make good progress on this?

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Jai Khurana
Jai Khurana el 15 de Feb. de 2023
Yes, MATLAB and Simulink can be used to create an AUV simulator, including both the AUV model and the underwater environment. Simulink is a powerful tool for modeling and simulating dynamic systems, including AUVs. Simscape is a domain-specific tool within Simulink that can be used to model physical systems, including the dynamics of the AUV and its thrusters.
In addition to the AUV model, you can also use MATLAB to create an underwater environment, such as a virtual ocean floor, currents, and obstacles. You can use Simulink to simulate the motion of the AUV in this environment, taking into account factors such as hydrodynamics, buoyancy, and the forces and torques generated by the thrusters.
One way to create an underwater environment in MATLAB is to use MATLAB's Virtual Reality (VR) Toolbox, which allows you to create 3D virtual worlds and interact with them. You can use this toolbox to create an underwater environment with obstacles, currents, and other features, and then simulate the motion of the AUV within this environment using Simulink.

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