Averaging data over array of cyclic values when cycle length is variable

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I have the following data
that I need to average over a cycle of length t = 1, from t = 5 to 10. Thus to obtain what an average cycle would look like.
What I did so far is that I found the index for t = 5, t = 6, t = 7, etc. So that I can form arrays as ke_56 = [Idx5:Idx6], ke_67 = [Idx6:Idx7], etc.
The main issue I am facing is that the cycles (e.g ke_56, ke_67, etc) do not contain the exact same amount of values. I could interpolate the shorter arrays to match the length of the longest one, but it's starting to be a teddious process. I am sure there is a simpler way to do all of what.
Note: I only have the basic student essentials version.

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