Reading Multiple CSV Files in a Sequence

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I wrote a code to read and process 55 csv files.
The first step was to read the data and save it in a cell structure in away that each csv file would be saved in a cell a table:
d=dir('*.csv'); % list all csv files in working directory
n = length(d); % number of files in the directory
tempdata=cell(1,n); % preallocate a cell array to hold results
for i=1:n
tempdata{i}=readtable(d(i).name); % read each file
I expected that the 1st. csv file will be stored in tempdata{1,1}, 2nd in cell tempdata{1,2}, etc.. but I noticed that:
tempdata{1,1} = file1.csv
tempdata{1,2} = file10.csv
tempdata{1,3} = file11.csv
tempdata{1,12} = file2.csv
How can I change the sequence of saved files so:
tempdata{1,1} = file1.csv
tempdata{1,2} = file2.csv
tempdata{1,3} = file3.csv
tempdata{1,10} = file10.csv
tempdata{1,55} = file55.scv
Appreciate the time and efforts that you put to answer this question.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 16 Feb 2023
that's the Achille heel of the native dir command
it will not sort the file names correctly
my example below :
%% read multiple files
P = pwd; % currrent directory
S = dir(fullfile(P,'*.csv')); % get list of files in directory
S = natsortfiles(S); % sort folders / file names into order (
for k = 1:numel(S);
F = fullfile(P, fileNames_sorted{k});
S(k).data = csvimport(F); % or READTABLE or whatever.
% Take a look in the structure S: it contains all of your file data and the corresponding filenames, just as you require.
% For example, the 2nd filename and its data:
% Accessing and processing this will be much simpler than messing around with dynamically named variables.
Usama Al-Saffar
Usama Al-Saffar on 16 Feb 2023
Thank you Stephen. I already figure that out and downloaded the function.

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