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Scatter Plot marker size scale

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Gage el 2 de Mzo. de 2023
Respondida: Amith el 2 de Mzo. de 2023
I am making a scatter plot with 4 variables- x, y, marker size, and marker color. I made the colormap easy enough, but how do I add a scale to give reference to what marker sizes correspond to the numerical values of each data point. Something like the one shown below.

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Amith el 2 de Mzo. de 2023
As per my understanding you wanted the markers in different sizes and want those to be labeled in the legend with the size being shown .You can achieve this by refering to the below code -
x = 1:3;
y1 = x.^2;
y2 = x.^3;
% Define marker sizes for each point
ms1 = [4, 6, 8];
sizes = [50,300,650];
% Plot the data with different marker sizes
for size = 1:3
hold on;
plot(x(size), y1(size), 'o', 'MarkerSize', ms1(size));
hold off;
%write the legend corresponding values
x = cellstr(num2str(sizes', '%-d'));
% Add a legend with marker sizes

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