Where can I find matlab functions Welch3 and dstval

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I've inherited some code from a collaborator which uses two functions (Welch3 and dstval) that I can't find anywhere. I've tried searching google, matlab answers and GitHub but I can't find anything. Here's an example of how the two functions are used:
%this is the Welch3 function which I think is a statistical test.
[Vel_allRNAi.p_welch(RNAi,vel_stat) Vel_allRNAi.Sig(RNAi,vel_stat)] = Welch3(data1,data2,Significance,'mean');
%this is the dstval function
Vel_allRNAi.Vel_data(RNAi,4) = (nanstd(Vel.post.mag_af(:))/sqrt(Vel_allRNAi.Number_frames(RNAi,1))) * dstval(0.68,Vel_allRNAi.Number_frames(RNAi,1));

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 4 Mar 2023
Those are not functions created by MathWorks. I also can't find a source for them googling, so they are likely custom functions. I would check with the original author of the code, or search for a local function within the script itself.
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Iolo Squires
Iolo Squires on 6 Mar 2023
Thanks for your reply. I emailed the code author and they were custom functions :)

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