How can i create look up table that will represent irradiance during the day to control the PV farm output power.

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Hi, i would like to use the PV farm model from simulink example to power my microgrid. In order to simulate different states I need to be able to change the irradiance. in the model, irradiance during the day is simulated using a look up table. The question is how can i create my own look up tables to represent diffrent situations like sunny day, cloudly day etc.

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Suman Sahu
Suman Sahu el 5 de Abr. de 2023
Hello Martin,
I understand that you have irradiance data for sunny day, cloudy day, etc which you want to map to time of the day using a look up table. Irradiance value has a one-to-one mapping with the time of the day, so you must use a 1D Look up Table(LUT).
Irradiance_at_a_particular_time = f(time of the day)
I think one of the simple ways would be to use as many 1D LUT as the types of weather conditions and then use a switch case block to switch between the weather conditions as shown in the model below.
It may look complex, but it is simple to understand and does the job. You can create wrapper subsystems to simplify it.
You can set the Look Up Table parameters for each by changing the table data as shown below:
Hope it helps.

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