Problems with installation of Network License Manager on linux server without graphical interface

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I have problems with installation of Matlab Network License manager on Ubuntu server with no graphical interface.
I have activated licence, downloaded licence.lic, downloaded full ISO, mounted ISO and coppied files, next modified installer_input.txt and ran installation with ./install -inputFile installer_input.txt
Interstingly, there is no dialog, no question. (Thus, I cannot answer Select 'I want to install Network License Manager like written in
Next, log file is created claiming that installation ended succesfully.
However, I cannot locate lmgrd file.
Do I need full Matlab installation to run just Matlab Network License manager?
I am disappointed by the fact that I cannot find clear procedure for the installation of Matlab Network License manager on linux...
Thank you in advance for your kind help.

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Yash el 28 de Mzo. de 2023
Hi Radovan,
I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble installing the Matlab Network License Manager on your Ubuntu server.
Firstly, to answer your question, no, you do not need a full installation of Matlab to run the Network License Manager. The Network License Manager is a separate component that can be installed independently.
It's possible that the installation is completing silently because the installer_input.txt file is not configured correctly. Please double-check that all the required parameters are specified in the file, and that the paths are correct.
Additionally, I would suggest checking the installation logs to see if there are any errors or warnings that may give a clue as to what went wrong. You can find the installation logs in the installation directory, typically in a subdirectory named something like "logs".
Regarding the missing lmgrd file, it should be located in the installation directory under the subdirectory "etc". If it's not there, it's possible that the installation did not complete successfully.
Finally, I understand that finding a clear procedure for the installation of Matlab Network License Manager on Linux can be challenging.
I suggest referring to the official documentation. Here is a link to the documentation for installing the Network License Manager on Linux:
I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask if you have any further questions.


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