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I would like to extract a table of values from the website : https://geometrygeeks.bike/bike/3t-cycling-new-strada-2023/
I would like to exctract the values of each parameter (Reach, Stack ...) in variables.
For the moment, here is my code for the "Reach" parameter:
data = webread(url);
table = extractHTMLText(data);
initial=regexp(table,'Add to Compare')+14;
final=regexp(table,'Data Source')-1;
Reach = str2double(regexp(str2(reach:stack),'\d+','match'));
It almost works, the only problem is that the value extracted in the string using extractHTMLText function are not the same as on the website. How to solve this export problem?
Otherwise, is there an easier way to extract the whole array directly into a matrix?
Maxime Jean Marc Lenoir
Maxime Jean Marc Lenoir on 23 Mar 2023
Now I know that I can't use webread so I am looking for the API of the website if it exists. If not I don't really know what to do, do you have some alternatives ?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 21 Mar 2023

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