How to calculate impedance for an RLC circuit with the voltage and current sensor in simscape

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So I have a RL circuit block wher L is varying with time. I have connect a voltage sensor and current sensor to get their voltage and current ouput. But Now I need to get the impedance from the voltage and current output. This magnitude is supposed to be equal to R^2 +Xl^2. But I am getting different values. So, is this aproach of impedance calculation is correct or there is some other method for the impedance calculation.

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To calculate the impedance of an RLC circuit using Simulink's Simscape, you can use the following steps:
  1. First, you need to calculate the voltage and current signals for your RLC circuit using Simulink blocks. Connect the RLC circuit block to a voltage source and a current source, and then add a voltage sensor and current sensor to measure the voltage and current in the circuit.
  2. Second, you can use the Simulink blocks to calculate the magnitude of the voltage and current signals. This can be done using the RMS block in the Simulink library.
  3. Once you have the voltage and current signals, you can calculate the impedance by the ratio of the voltage to the current.
  4. Finally, calculate the magnitude of the impedance by taking the absolute value of the complex impedance.
Regarding the formula you mentioned, R^2 + Xl^2 is the impedance magnitude for a circuit with only a resistor and an inductor. In an RLC circuit, there will be additional components, the capacitor, that contribute to the impedance. Therefore, the formula for the impedance magnitude of an RLC circuit is given by:
|Z| = sqrt(R^2 + (Xl - Xc)^2)
Where R is the resistance of the circuit, Xl is the inductive reactance, and Xc is the capacitive reactance.
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