How can I stream the ESP 32 webcam from my Arduino to Matlab?

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Coleman el 27 de Mzo. de 2023
Comentada: Rhys Wall el 29 de Abr. de 2023
Hello everyone,
I am trying to perform serial communication between matlab and arduino, where arduino pulls data from sensors, sends it to matlab, matlab processes the data and sends back commands.
The issue I have currently is I am not sure how to stream video from the ESP32 webcam from arduino to matlab.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could accomplish this?

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Abhijeet el 4 de Abr. de 2023
Streaming video from an ESP32 webcam to MATLAB can be achieved by following these steps:
  1. Set up a Wi-Fi connection between the ESP32 and your local network: Use the Wi-Fi library included in the Arduino IDE to connect your ESP32 to your local network.
  2. Capture video with the ESP32: Use the ESP32-CAM library to capture video from the camera module connected to the ESP32.
  3. Send video frames to MATLAB: Use the Serial communication library in Arduino to send the video frames as binary data to MATLAB through a serial port.
  4. Receive and process video frames in MATLAB: Use the "serialport" function in MATLAB to establish a connection to the serial port, receive the binary data, and process it into a video format that can be displayed using MATLAB's "imshow" function.
  5. Display the video in MATLAB: Use the "imshow" function to display the processed video frames in real-time in MATLAB.
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Coleman el 17 de Abr. de 2023
2.) I am not sure what you mean by 'ESP32-CAM library' is this a function that can be called on arduino? or is this a library that needs to be installed first?
Rhys Wall
Rhys Wall el 29 de Abr. de 2023
Its a libary use the libary manger or just google how to install esp lib

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