Hardware suggestions for Antenna/array design

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Andre Pant
Andre Pant el 28 de Mzo. de 2023
Respondida: Abhijeet el 4 de Abr. de 2023
I was hoping to get an understanding of what the bottlenecks in implementation of the antenna/phased array design toolboxes. Doing preliminary work right now and would love to be able to iterate my designs faster going forward. Hoping to get a sense of where I should focus my hardware upgrades. My processor is modern and high end, so I'm assuming it's GPU heavy (for visualisations).
Currently using a P4000. I have used this on a 3060 a few years ago but don't have access to it anymore, and was hoping to get a sense of if it would be worth upgrtading as high end as possible, or if there's a realistic limit.
Thank you.

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Abhijeet el 4 de Abr. de 2023
Hi Andre,
Based on your requirements and usage you can refer to Parallelization of Antenna and Array Analyses documentation.


Más información sobre Antennas and Electromagnetic Propagation en Help Center y File Exchange.




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