Check the value according to the change of variable in a graph

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Respondida: Sachin el 12 de Mayo de 2023
In the above formula, I want to check the I value according to the change in the values of each variable Lm, Lr, and Cr in a graph. All variables used in the formula are the values I enter.

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Sachin el 12 de Mayo de 2023
I understand that you want to find a graph to check the changes in values.
Since you are finding the values of ‘I’ using the formula given in the question. Assuming that you have a vector containing the values of ‘I’ for different values of Lm, Lr, and Cr, I suggest you use the “plot” function in MATLAB to plot a graph of all the values.
% for example if you have calculated I with values Lm,Lr,Cr then you can
% plot the graph
I = linspace(-2*pi,2*pi);
Lm = sin(I);
Lr = cos(I);
Cr = 2*I;
p = plot(I,Lm,I,Lr,I,Cr);
Refer to the MATLAB documentation for the plot function.
Hope this will help you


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