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Apple Silicon beta add-ons manual install

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Francesco Antonio Miccoli
Francesco Antonio Miccoli el 4 de Mayo de 2023
Respondida: Muskan el 17 de Mayo de 2023
Hello everyone,
I am currently testing the Matlab Apple silicon beta. As per the support page "Add-ons can still be installed manually" however I can't see to find a way to download the Optimization Toolbox (the add on I am interested in installing). I found out that you should be able to download the .mltbx file from the add-ons explorer, but since I have already installed it on my 2023a Matlab installation (the other version I use in parallel with the beta) I am not able to download the file itself.
Any idea what could I do? Can I test other toolboxes other than the ones already provided with the Silicon beta?
Thanks in advance.

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Muskan el 17 de Mayo de 2023
Hi Francesco,
As per my understanding of the question, the "Optimization Toolbox" is not available in the beta version. You can refer to the following documentation of open beta of MATLAB for Apple Silicon to look for the products available.

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