Read Waveshare BMP388 sensor on Raspberry Pi

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Adrian Ramirez Cedres
Adrian Ramirez Cedres el 7 de Mayo de 2023
Respondida: Pratheek el 25 de Mayo de 2023
Can anyone share their code to read pressure and temperature from a Waveshare BMP388 sensor on a Raspberry Pi?
Tried as far as I could, but I ended up in desperation. file from Waveshare works properly, but I can only get -273.15 degC and 0 hPa on Matlab. Thanks!

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Pratheek el 25 de Mayo de 2023
Hi Adrian,
I undestand that you want to read sensor data with Raspberry Pi in MATLAB, to use Raspberry Pi in MATLAB you will need to install the MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware, which is a hardware support package. You can refer to the documentation for detailed installation instructions:
Alternatively, if you prefer a video tutorial, you can refer to the following video:
Once you have installed the support package, you can utilize predefined functions to read sensor data if your sensor is listed in the supported sensors. However, if you wish to read data from a sensor that is not listed, you will need to write a custom script to accomplish this.
To read sensor data in MATLAB using Raspberry Pi, follow these steps:
Steps to read sensor data in MATLAB using Raspberry Pi:
  1. Establish a connection to the Raspberry Pi.
  2. Create an object that represents your sensor. For detailed instructions on how to achieve this, refer to the following documentation page: Use the Raspberry Pi I2C Interface to Connect to a Device - MATLAB & Simulink (
  3. Initialize the sensor by using the writeRegister function and set the appropriate registers.
  4. Use the readRegister function to read the registers for temperature and pressure (Please refer to the datasheet for the correct register values).
  5. The data obtained from step 4 will be in raw sensor format. You may need to convert this data into the desired units.
  6. Finally, display the obtained sensor data.
I hope this help!


Más información sobre MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware en Help Center y File Exchange.




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