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Ahmed Ellithy
Ahmed Ellithy el 7 de Mayo de 2023
Respondida: Ahmed Ellithy el 7 de Mayo de 2023
I made a custome Library block which is basically a masked subsystem. I've put the masked subsystem inside another subytem and in its initialization section i made a code that replicates and connect copies of the custome block according to the wished number.
In order to achieve this, all the blocks need to be deleted along with the lines connecting each block. To delete the lines i inserted the folowing code which works fine:
lines = find_system(gcb,'SearchDepth','1','LookUnderMasks','On','FindAll','On','Type','Line');
Now for the customed blocks i can't do the same since it doesnt get recognized. Following code has been tried:
blks = find_system(sys,'SearchDepth','1','LookUnderMasks','On','FindAll','On', 'BlockType', 'SubSystem');
Using Simulink.SubSystem.deleteContents(gcb) i was able to delete everything. However this deletes the ports as well which is something that i dont want to have since any conection with the main subsystem will be terminated. Any idea..?

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Ahmed Ellithy
Ahmed Ellithy el 7 de Mayo de 2023
Ok! So i was able to solve the issue by calling the names of the custome blocks by refering them as SubSystems. The find_system() hasn't been used but rather the following:
blks = Simulink.findBlocksOfType(gcb,'SubSystem');
Thanks for Fangjun Jiang for the multiple suggestions regarding this issue

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang el 7 de Mayo de 2023
The blks = find_system() will return 4 block handles. The first one is "sys" itself and the next three are the three customized blocks.
delete_block(blks) will delete "sys" first and then give an error message.
You could do delete_block(blks(2:end))
A better way is to give your customized block a unique tag so it is easy to find it. If it is a masked subsystem, then "MaskType" is the right one to use.
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Ahmed Ellithy
Ahmed Ellithy el 7 de Mayo de 2023
Unfortunately it doesnt work as well :(. Is it possible to find the blocks using their names? The name of the custom block is Cable1U and the first block inserted inside the subsystem is Cable1U1 and and increases till the specified number (ie Cable1U999).

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