How to build JAR via Library compiler on Mac

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Hello, I'm using R2014b on mac and I wonder if there some way to build jar. I've found some tutorials for windows and when I follow them I can't find "Java package" in "Target type" area of compiler window. I have only "C Shared library" and "C++ Shared library". Maybe I missed some env.variables, but I don't know which ones.

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Chetan Rawal
Chetan Rawal on 4 Apr 2015
Hi Vasily,
Looks like you do not have MATLAB Builder JA for Java (it is called MATLAB Compiler SDK in R2015a). You only have MATLAB Compiler which comes with C/C++ integration. MATLAB BUILDER for Java is an additional add-on you need to get for Java.
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Vasily Ruzov
Vasily Ruzov on 4 Apr 2015
Hi Chetan, I have installed it. After installation it said I should set environment variable. I did it and restarted the Matlab from the terminal shell, where I set the env.var. But I still don't see "java package" type

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