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ValidateAudioPlugin Error "Input series must be a numeric vector" in plugin

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I am working on a plugin that takes in two channels. For some reason the validation is failing and I don't understand why. With other two-channel plugins I found online it works alright. What does it mean that "input series must be a numeric vector"? How do I fix it?
Here is the code:
classdef myVocoder < audioPlugin
properties (Access = private)
p = 12; % LPC Filter Order
properties (Constant)
PluginInterface = audioPluginInterface( ...
'PluginName','Vocoder', ...
'InputChannels',[2 2], ...
function out = process(plugin, in1, in2)
r2 = autocorr(in1, plugin.p); % LPCs coefficients for last two frames
coeffs = levinson(r2, plugin.p); % Solve with Levinson Durbin
vocoder_curr = (filter(1, coeffs, in2)); % Filter glottal pulses with LPC Filter
vocoder_play = vocoder_curr;
% AGC: if voice in is louder, voice out should be louder too
gain = std(in1)/std(vocoder_curr);
out = gain*vocoder_play;

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jibrahim el 11 de Mayo de 2023
Hi Pedro,
This error is thrown from the first line of your process method. To reproduce:
v = myVocoder
Essentially this line is failing:
r2 = autocorr(randn(2,2), 12)
In general, in order to debug issues caught by validateAudioPlugin, you can do the following:
validateAudioPlugin -keeptestbench myVocoder
This will keep the MATLAB testbench code for you. Then, you can run the testbwench file, and put a debug point where it fails:


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