Simulink Switch doesn't propagate rate transition

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John el 11 de Mayo de 2023
Comentada: Paul el 1 de Jun. de 2023
How can I make a Simulink Switch to propagate rate transition?
Right now I have two signal paths, of variable rates, with the rate determined by some condition:
However, the rest of the chain doesn't work, because the switch doesn't maintain the rate (or so SL thinks)
Also, there isn't a way to have a rate block with an input pin that defines the rate, so I can't adjust the rate via a dynamic input instead.
What's the right way to switch rates while the sim is running?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang el 12 de Mayo de 2023
Not sure what you exactly mean, but a Signal Specification block can specify any rate you want.
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Paul el 1 de Jun. de 2023
What is the concern at the output of the switch? That signal as has an FiM sample time, but will still obey the sample time of the selected signal at the times when the output signal from the switch is used, won't it?

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