keep getting an error message saying might be missing a closing bracket, causing invalid syntax at y, but the bracket is there. (line 34)

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Stephen23 el 12 de Mayo de 2023
Editada: Stephen23 el 12 de Mayo de 2023
"would adding a multiplication operator define the variable R as another error says that the variable R is unrecognised "
A multiplication operator does not define its input arguments. It requires its inputs to be already defined, for the simple reason that it is not possible to multiply numeric values that do not exist.
Defining variables is done e.g. by allocating something to that variable or as an input argument to a function.
The variable R is defined as the very first input to your function:
function [outputArg1,outputArg2] = Hemisphere(R,h,T_f)
Are you calling the function with its required inputs?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang el 12 de Mayo de 2023
Editada: Fangjun Jiang el 12 de Mayo de 2023
You can paste the text, instead of attaching a snapshot picture.
I believe there is a mistake in defining the odeFun. There is no operator in front of "y(1)". "3(y(1)" is not valid either.


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