Continuous Software Development for Cross Functional Team with Matlab/Simulink

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We are a team of 12People working on Production Software and are running into a continuous integration trouble by stepping over each other. Is there a feature in Matlab where a user can lock a certain model when they are makign changes to it so that no other person can make modifications. Once they are done they can check it in and the other member could pick it up. Something that a Version control might do but baked into simulink shared between all the user on the network.

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Pratheek el 21 de Jun. de 2023
Hello Vraj,
You can use GIT for version control in Matlab and Simulink. For more information on how to use GIT follow this link:Use Git in MATLAB - MATLAB & Simulink (
When multiple users modify the same file in separate working folders or branches, a conflict message arises during the commit process. To resolve the conflict, compare the differing changes, merge or overwrite them as needed, and mark the conflict as resolved. Finally, you can proceed to commit the file. Check out the Resolve Conflict section for more info.
Hope this helps!


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