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Simulink 10.7 cannot access active configuration set

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Brad el 12 de Mayo de 2023
Respondida: Sai el 17 de Mayo de 2023
I am attempting to load a simulink model which contains some custom parameters using R2023a and am receiving a warning stating "Internal error: cannot access active configuration set" and am unsure what could be causing it. I've tried opening the model in R2021b, R2020a, R2018b and R2015b and all have been able to successfully load the model without issue. I haven't been able to find anything in the release notes about an update to setting up the configuration set, so I'm curious if there is a bug within Simulink itself, or if that process has changed. I would also like to say that, once the model has loaded, if I build it or change the system target file and change it back, the warning disappears.

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Sai el 17 de Mayo de 2023
Hi Brad,
I understand that you are facing some warnings when trying to load a Simulink model with custom parameters
One of the possible causes of this issue might be including any code in the RTW_OPTIONS section of a custom TLC file outside of defining the "rtwgensettings".
This is not a supported workflow. “rtwgensettings” should not be set with a function call.
Please refer to the below documentation link for more information on “rtwgensttings”
Including code at this location of the TLC file to dynamically read model information can result in unexpected behaviour, such as internal errors that cannot be caught.
This implies that there is no workaround to dynamically set the fields of "rtwgensettings".


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