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Labels in Simulation Data Inspector

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Omar el 15 de Mayo de 2023
Respondida: Sai el 18 de Mayo de 2023
Can I add the x/y axis labels to a plot in the Simulation Data Inspector?

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Sai el 18 de Mayo de 2023
Hi Omar,
I understand that you wanted to add x-label and y-label in Simulink Data Inspector
As of now, it is not possible to add labels for x and y axes directly in Simulink Data Inspector.
The possible work around is taking the snapshot To MATLAB figure and then add labels.
You can do that with the below mentioned workflow.
  • Right click on the plot for which you want to add labels.
  • Click on Snapshot-> MATLAB Figure
  • A MATLAB figure window will be opened.
  • To add X Label, navigate to Insert->X Label and label the x axis.
  • To add Y Label, navigate to Insert->Y Label and label the y axis.
You can also refer to the following MATLAB Answer for other work arounds.

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