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How to use Signal labeler for analyzing similarities in a signal

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MG el 22 de Mayo de 2023
Comentada: MG el 24 de Ag. de 2023
Hi, I'm trying to find specific features in my signal. The signal is the results of 21 channels activity and the features I want to extraxt, as distinctive of that signal, are ROIs that repeat, at different time points, in my signal.
I don't know how to use Signal Analyzer to use the manually selected ROI and then automate the search for similar regions in my signal or others signals. The documentations suggest to create a costumized function but is very confusing how to use the ROI labelled manually, into a function to automatized the process.
Can someone help me with all the decessary steps to do so?
Thank you in advance

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Nithin Kumar
Nithin Kumar el 24 de Ag. de 2023
Hi MG,
I understand that you are facing an issue while using “Signal labeler” for analyzing similarities in a signal.
To use Signal Labeler, kindly refer to the following steps:
  1. Import Signal: Load your signal data into MATLAB.
  2. Open Signal Labeler: Type “signalLabeler” in the MATLAB Command Window and press Enter. This will open the Signal Labeler app.
  3. Create a New Labeling Session: Click on "New Session" and choose the signal you want to analyze for similarities.
  4. Create Labels: Manually create labels to represent different sections or events in your signal that you want to analyze for similarities. You can create labels for various events, patterns, or segments.
  5. Label Similar Segments: Go through your signal and label segments that you believe are similar or correspond to the same event or pattern. Assign the same label to similar segments.
  6. Review and Compare Labels: After labeling several similar segments, review the labeled data. You can visualize the labels on the signal and see if the labeled segments match your expectations.
  7. Use Label Information: Once you have labeled segments representing similar events, you can analyze these segments collectively. You might compute statistical measures (mean, variance, etc.) for each labeled group to identify common characteristics.
  8. Explore Visualization: Signal Labeler provides visualization tools that allow you to zoom in, overlay labels, and explore the data in detail. You can visually assess the similarities and differences in the labeled segments.
  9. Export Data: You can export the labeled data, including timestamps and labels, for further analysis or visualization in MATLAB.
To know more information regarding the Signal Labeler App, kindly refer to the following documentation.
I hope this answer helps you.
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MG el 24 de Ag. de 2023

Hi Nithin, Thank you for you detailed answer. I have no doubt on all these passages, I’m mainly finding troubles in automatize the selection of my labels. Once I completed passage 5 of your list I would like to create a script (a function) able to automatically select signal segments similar to my labels. What’s is not clear is, once completed the manual labeling phase, how can I instruct the toolbox or create the function (I notice there the option to Crete a function) to automatically search for similar segments in others signals?.

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