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Simbiology program code gave different results from my custom code

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Hello team,
I am working on a population pharmacokinetics (PK) project, so I am using sbiofitmixed() to solve the model.
However, I found that the fit program code directly exported from Simbiology Model Analyzer gave me different results from my custom code. Although I have all the settings set as the same, I have a problem with the parameter estimation on ka_Central.
My Simbiology Model Analyzer code can estimate this parameter with high confidence, but my custom code cannot.
I tried debugging but could not find where the problem came from.
Please find the code in the attachment file.
Thank you very much.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard el 25 de Mayo de 2023
the issue comes from the dose template. In the first version your taget is Drug_Central (corresponding to IV bolus) whereas in the second the tdrug target is Dose_Central (corresponding to EV).
Since no absoprtion takes place in the first version, ka cannot be estimated.
If you change the drug target to Dose_Central, you will be able to estimate ka.
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Jesse Chao
Jesse Chao el 26 de Mayo de 2023
Hello Jérémy,
What a naive mistake from me. Thank you for your precious time to point it out.
Hope you have a nice day Jesse

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard el 25 de Mayo de 2023
this is difficult to debug without the actual model and data.
Would you be able to share them?
That said, I noticed a discrepancy in the initial values of both versions because of the order of estimated parameters (ka, Central, CL) instead of (ka, CL, Central).

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